How to Stack Rings – stacking rings made easy

Besides just showing you how to stack rings, I’m also sharing a few examples of why I think it’s such a fun and creative touch to add to any outfit. The look of stacked rings is a trend that’s been around for a few years now. Personally, I love it for the simple fact it adds something a little bit more complex to an everyday outfit. I’m definitely one for basic pieces and find that stacking rings adds a little more character and detail.

Personalise it

Much like the idea of charm bracelets! Whereby you collect different beads/charms to signify an event, milestone, showcase your personality…or just because you think it’s pretty (no judgement). The very same can be done on your wonderful little fingers. Plus you’ve got a lot of options in terms of spacing! There are sizes out there that can be placed on or near any part of your finger.

Just please make sure it remains somewhat practical and it’s not painful, too tight or anything like that…

Here you can see how I’ve combined a range of different styles together in a somewhat cohesive manner. The rose quarts ring represents my favourite stone, along with lots of awesome energy. The word “faith” serves as a rather important reminder to believe that the best is only yet to come. The vertical equals sign…because it looks cool. I’ve balanced them with a sprinkle of dainty knuckle rings here and there. It’s a fun, simple reflection of my personality and serves as a little bit of positivity whenever I look down at my hands.

But how to do it, so as not to over do it? Well, without further ado, I’m about to show you how to stack rings anddd give you a few more examples to help along the way

How to Stack Rings- Basic Guidelines:

  1. Larger/chunkier pieces should stay closer to the knuckles – this creates a streamline effect on your hand
  2. Stick to one metal – unless you purposefully want a more “I just threw this together” kind of vibe (which is totally fine, go wild)
  3. Combine different textures and widths – this makes it look more interesting
  4. Create a pattern! It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or exact.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY- make it your own. Show off your personality through this little detail of your jewellery by personalising it to cater to who you are


Here I’ve repeated the circle and line shapes in the first ring, by adding the same circle in the small citrine ring and the vertical line ring, I added the plaited design for some texture. Embarrassingly, it’s almost like I view it as an art piece. Back in school, we had to use the different art elements and principles in order to create an artwork. I guess this is the toned-down real-world version. You can carry this one on your fingers whenever and wherever you like!

Change of Style

Stacking rings in this way also has the ability to add a little edge to an otherwise overly girly outfit. I paired this dress with some silver rings and loved the detail it added to the outfit. It’s still feminine but somehow more interesting than before.

Custom Jewellery

The combination of different rings goes along with the idea of custom jewellery, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for you may as well make it!

If you want to go this route, I highly recommend Portobello jewellery products because of the fact that you can work with the team of designers to create whatever type of jewellery you would like. Or you can play around with the different designs and change the gemstone, the metal and the shape through their site.

If you’re interested, the lovely people from Portobello have given us a 10% discount, feel free to use the code VESSELA at the checkout


Let me know what you think! I hope you find something that resonates with you xx


Here’s a video version of this article from my Youtube Channel:


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