Blonde Hair Summer Survival Guide

blonde hair summer survival guide vessela

In the spirit of trial and error I’ve managed to establish a few basic tips and create a blonde hair summer survival guide that’s perfect for anyone who isn’t incredibly into long and boring routines.

A bit of background

From around July 2016 I made the decision to go from light brown to full on “blonde blonde”. Now, I understand that’s not an actual term, but seeing as I can’t definitively define what shade it is, its the best I can do (whether you’re platinum or have an ombre, I know you’ll find this info helpful!)

SO last year I’d already experienced the dryness that comes with dying your hair… and making it lighter magnified that tenfold. At the time I was travelling in Europe so it was summer, and sure enough by the time I came back home to Australia it was summer here too. Oh boy…does constant exposure to the sun make dry hair even drier.

So! How do we fix this? Turns out it’s a lot easier than I anticipated…

Blonde Hair Summer Survival Guide Basics

  • No Sulphate
    • Check if your current shampoo uses the ingredient “Sulphate”. It’s extremely drying to the hair and strips it of it’s natural moisture- which we don’t want
  • Conditioner
    • Choose a conditioner that’s right for your hair texture- if you have thick hair then go for something to combat brittleness, if you have very fine hair then choose something that targets ‘shine’ so it doesn’t weigh your hair down, but you still get that much needed moisture
  • Masks
    • If doing a DIY coconut hair mask for a few hours doesn’t sound like your kind of thing then try some pre-made ones that are targeted as ‘deep conditioners’ after you have a shower. I’ve used two of these masks that I can genuinely recommend- one of them (perhaps the stronger of the two) is the one pictured bellow. The other is in the video I have attached to the end of this post


  • Leave-in oil
    • A simple argan oil is something you know is not only gonna work well but also isn’t gonna bother your skin if your hair gets on your face while you sleep or throughout the day- it’s super natural, pretty light weight and affordable. If you want a fancier type of oil then I recommend this one by Ouai! It’s a really lovely light formulation and is packed with essential oils which smell heavenly

General Tips

  • Stay Hydrated *rolls eyes*
  • Look into supplements such as MSM, Zinc and B12
  • Try and minimise using heat to style your hair in summer, or use a good heat protectant
  • Don’t wash your hair too often! 4 to 7 days being best
  • Sleep in one of the oil hair masks if you can, or leave it on for several hours
  • Silk pillow cases! They are amazing for combatting frizz and not absorbing hair moisture
  • Using a good quality brush such as a tangle-teezer or wide-toothed comb
  • Avoiding brushing your hair when it’s wet
  • Not keeping your hair in a ponytail or tight hairstyle for long periods of time
  • Eating a nutritionally balanced diet

Check out this video for more tips and tricks:


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