Vessela Karadjova is a progressive Content Creator based in Melbourne, Australia with a strong background in writing, painting and performance. She is extremely passionate for inspiring others and encouraging people to express themselves, this combined with her love for the arts led her to begin her social media channels in 2016.

Her audience and community enjoy the soft, intricate and aspiring aesthetic that encompasses the Efflorescence brand as well as the introspective and useful articles and writing style found here.

While primarily focusing on style and fashion, she covers the topics of beauty and wellbeing with a strong message of personal evolution and self expression. Her growth has sky rocketed since going full-time and embracing the plethora of wonderful opportunities that have come since then.

Vessela welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself, within her first few months of blogging full-time she has worked with brands such as Portobello, Ecoture and Bras’n’things to name a few.

Efflorescence: a gradual process of developing, bursting forth, flowering

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