A Fresh Start

I think the idea of a fresh start has always been widely appealing to the vast majority of people- being able to erase past mistakes and regrets (or at least put them aside for a while) is such a romanticised notion.

But can it truly be done?

I don’t think so, and moreover I don’t think its such a bad thing.

After all, the lessons we learn will also be erased in the process of removing the negative tidbits of our pasts. A true fresh start would mean that we wouldn’t even know what a fresh start is because we would believe we’ve never experienced it before- even if we actually have.

It’s just a concept thats been playing on my mind lately, that maybe a fresh start is more referring to the feeling to freshness, newness and excitement that sometimes tends to disappear in the midst of day to day living. I think that’s what we really mean when we say we want a fresh start, not so much to forget for the sake of forgetting but more so to just re-feel that sense of positivity and motivation that we experience when we first begin something new. In a sense, we tell ourselves that the only reason that’s disappeared is because of the negative experiences or disappointments that are plaguing our minds. When this isn’t at all the case!

Similarly the start of a new year is typically filled with motivation and energy, until it slowly starts disappearing because our initial vigour starts slowly disappearing…but it doesn’t have to.       

Achieving the sense of constant motivation has long been an almost-obsession of mine.

There’s only one way it can be done.

That is to constantly, and I mean truly constantly, be reloading yourself with things that motivate and inspire you.

Whether thats reading self help books, or listening to TED talks or creating and viewing and experiencing art- thats what you gotta do to stay motivated.

Easier to say than do, I completely agree, but there’s nothing lost in trying.

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